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ISSN: 2298-0946, E-ISSN: 1987-6114; UDC: 3/K-144

Publishing since 2013. Frequency: 4 times a year

Founded by: Representation of Azerbaijan International Diaspora Center in Georgia. NGO. R / C 434161097. http://public.reestri.gov.ge

March 01, 2013 (printed materials in original languages ​​- Ukrainian, Russian and English)

Publication Type: Scientific journal.

Status edition: home / native.

Language edition: English, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russian.

Sphere of distribution: Nation-wide, foreign.

Categories of readers: Researchers in higher education.

The program aims: Introduce to the readers with the directions of scientific papers.

Projected output frequency: Quarterly.

Publication type by purposes: Scientific.

Bulletin's sections: Multidisciplinary

Subject: Multidisciplinary

ISSN Title: Scientific journal

Abbreviated key title: Scientific journal

Variant title: Scientific journal.

Mailing address: AZ1007, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Tel .: +994 55 241 70 12; +994 51 864 88 94; +994 70 375 70 12

E-mails: info@scia.website, sc.mediagroup2017@gmail.com; gulustanbssjar@gmail.com (any question regarding journals publishing). 

E-mail: namisazadeh@gmail.com (any question regarding technical issues)

Web-site: https://scsj.fisdd.org/index.php/CESAJSC/index