Preparation of Manuscript

Style and format: There is a paper template on this page in English. Contributors who are not native English speakers are strongly advised to ensure that a colleague fluent in the English language or a professional language editor has reviewed their manuscript.

All languages without jargon should be used. Repetitive use of long sentences and passive voice should be avoided. It is strongly recommended that the text be run through computer spelling and grammar programs. Either British or American spelling is acceptable but must be consistent throughout.

Please, complete COPYRIGHT RELEASE FORM and submit the form and send it with the final version of your manuscript. It is required to obtain written confirmation from authors in order to acquire the copyrights for papers published in the journal so as to index them to various repositories. For you manuscript use template below:

Paper, article template of journals.

The Southern Caucasus Scientific Journals:

Review Article Template; 

The Baltic Scientific Journals:

Review Article Template;